Friday, January 4, 2013

Fab Finds

New Year's resolutions are often cliche and become obsolete faster than they're created, but if you make it something to look forward too then the idea can become more realistic! Here are four easy steps to kick starting 2013 on the right track:

1. Vamp up decor. Get rid of those dust collectors and clutter items that you even forgot existed. Spice up each room with something new and fresh and go with something you wouldn't normally pick out. Try out this bold and colorful pillow or conversation-starting banana bowl.

2. Re-establish a beauty routine. Figure out what is necessary for your daily regimen and what is overkill. Splurge on some of your favorite items and don't be afraid to hold back on others. It's always a good feeling to take care of yourself. Freshen up that face with the Clarisonic skin care system and follow up with a hydrating face cream. Don't be afraid to indulge in a little nighttime relaxation with this honey bath.

3. Try a new fitness routine. Whether you already have one you like or you aren't that motivated at all, just try something new to spice it up a little. And look cute while doing it in a sassy sports bra, bright tank top or shorts, or some classic yoga pants.

4. Organize the unorganized. Use a cute wall calendar to keep track of your events and appointments so you never miss one or panic that you don't have something to wear in time. Create a filing system for old documents and important documents and keep in touch with friends the old fashioned way with colorful notecards.

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  1. I definitely need to establish a new beauty routine...

    xo Jennifer



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