Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Just arriving back from a girl's weekend in Miami to celebrate my friend, Lauren's birthday. The weekend was filled with sunshine, delicious food, exploring South Beach, and some very different nightlife than we're used to in Boston. The weather couldn't have been more perfect so it was extra brutal coming back to a frigid Massachusetts. After trips like these, I really appreciate how easy it is to capture some great moments using just an iPhone and instagram. 

1 Yogen Fruz with Gummy Bears
2 Meeting KISS at Miami Airport
3 Dash Miami
4 Jill and I at the Fountainbleu
5 Liana and Jill, our first night in Miami
6 Sewing Machine display at All Saints
7 Lauren and I, our first night in Miami
8 A delicious caesar salad wrapped in prosciutto
9 Toes in the sand, at South Beach
10 The 4 gals at the Fountainbleu
11 The bamboo pool at the hotel
12 Lauren and I in front of Versace Mansion
13 Liana and I at Lauren's birthday dinner, at DeLuca
14 Lauren and I at Versace Mansion again
15 Club Liv at the Fountainbleu
16 Comfy travel attire in the hotel lobby


  1. How was Dash??

    xo Jennifer

    1. Dash was slightly disappointing! It seemed very tucked in to a quieter part of the street. A lot of great stuff but still expensive!



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