Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rainbow Sherbet

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[ outfit & earrings - J.Crew, watch - Michael Kors ]

Sometimes on gloomy winter days (although I can't really say we've experienced full blow winter yet in New England) it's more fun to boost your spirits with as many bright colors as you can. I opted out of a big dazzly necklace for this outfit and let the colors do the talking. And of course, a touch of animal print is like the cherry on top. I love these wedge booties from J.Crew. They are so comfortable and a reasonable height. I like to add little colorful ankle socks to give them that extra element of sass.


  1. Love these colors together...looks great!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. So pretty in pinks!!!!

  3. Hello.
    Very nice outfit!!! Good decision for gloomy winter days!!!
    Love the colours and the place the photos were snapped!!!
    Have a wonderful day and a Happy New Year!!!
    Hello from Charlotte's House!

  4. The color of that turtleneck is gorgeous! Especially paired with those fun pants :)

  5. Do you have a feather in your hair, Ally? If so, love it!


  6. lovely pics and great blog!

  7. Amazing AWESOME look! I have those socks, too! You totally rocked this! Happy New Year's, mah dear!

  8. The color combo is so daring but you pulled it off very well, especially with the belt! Very nice.

  9. Gorgeous color combination. It is super cheery. That belt is fab as are your shoes. I am following you now :)

  10. Love those J Crew pants, too bad they have sold out of these!

    xo Ashleigh

  11. I love all the colors together- I usually try to rock this look in my conservative office (and get a lot of funny looks). I definitely need to get more of those colorful capris...J Crew just nailed it with those.

  12. i couldnt agree more, i dress bright cos in the uk its so dull and gloomy!! this beautiful outfit outfit is so bright and cheerful and those booties look like they would go with sooo many things!!
    Rachel :D



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